Our Story


In 1975, Cambodia suffered a massive genocide. It was during the same time as the Vietnam War and so as the world turned its focus to Vietnam, very few knew what was happening in the neighboring country of Cambodia. Activists took advantage of the chaos and fear of the Cambodian people and evacuated the capital city, Phnom Penh. Every person left the city to hide in the jungles where they ultimately met their demise. To this day they are not sure how many people lost their lives during this terrible genocide, but estimates are around three million.

This massive genocide turned a thriving nation known as “The Pearl of Asia”, into a desolate and impoverished country over night. The story of Cambodia is finally being heard around the world, and many are coming to help rebuild this once great nation.

Even as a young girl, Arie Farrior had a vision to change the world. After spending seven years traveling to and from third world nations, in 2014 she made the leap to move to Cambodia full time to help with social justice issues, with a focus on human trafficking relief efforts. She experienced first hand the devastation, poverty, and hardship of the Cambodian people. She saw the need for businesses who could financially support programs in order to help rebuild Cambodia from the inside out. This realization led Arie to start a coffee company that would not only empower her to continue with the social justice work she was so passionate about but would also help provide funding for education, food, and leadership programs for the people of Cambodia, all while providing an incredible coffee product to home brewers.

Brighter Days Coffee partners with organizations on ground in Cambodia that are leading the movement of restoration in Cambodia. These organizations provide education and food for children living on the streets, work to provide health services and meet the basic needs of the community, and are making great strides towards putting an end to human trafficking.

Arie realized that many products in the coffee industry are farmed using slave labor and unfair wages, essentially adding to the human trafficking industry. Understanding that if her goal was to help people around the world, it had to start at the source. That’s why at Brighter Days Coffee all of our products are sourced from small family farms all around the world.  When you purchase a product from, Brighter Days Coffee, you are receiving 100% Arabica coffee that is roasted to perfection and shipped to your door within one week of roasting. So you can feel good knowing that your purchase is bringing world change, from start to finish.

Brighter Days Coffee is passionate about changing the world,
One Sip Of Coffee At A Time.


 Arie Farrior Owner and Founder of Brighter Days Coffee