About Our Products

The goal of Brighter Days Coffee is to put the power to change the world and make it available in the form of an everyday purchases. We've taken our love for great coffee and combined it with our passion to change the world. We believe that everything we do should be done with excellence, so you can rest assured that we have sourced the highest quality products, from responsible sources all over the world.

Fresh Quality Coffee

Because Brighter Days Coffee is a small up-and-coming business, the coffee you purchase is made to order. Unlike big chains, our coffee is not stored for long periods of time in a warehouse waiting to be shipped out. Our coffee is roasted in small batches when you order, so when you shop our store you can expect fresh, quality, and amazing tasting coffee waiting on your doorstep every time.

Responsible Farming

Ward and Arie realized early on that many products in the coffee industry are farmed using slave labor and unfair wages, essentially adding to the human trafficking industry. They knew that if their goal was to help people around the world, it had to start at the source. That’s why at Brighter Days Coffee all of our products are sourced from small family farms all around the world.  By buying from these farms we help support farmers so that they can earn a fair wage, help send their kids to school, and also help protect fragile ecosystems. Many of Brighter Days Coffee products are Fair Trade certified, but ALL of our products are ethically sourced. When you purchase a product from, Brighter Days Coffee, you are receiving 100% Arabica coffee that is roasted to perfection and shipped to your door within one week of roasting. So you can feel good knowing that your purchase is bringing world change, from start to finish.