How We Change The World


Brighter Days Coffee partners with organizations on ground in Cambodia that are leading the movement of restoration in Cambodia. These organizations provide education and food for children living on the streets, work to provide health services and meet the basic needs of the community, and are making great strides towards putting an end to human trafficking.

Ward and Arie realized that many products in the coffee industry are farmed using slave labor and unfair wages, essentially adding to the human trafficking industry. They knew that if their goal was to help people around the world, it had to start at the source. That’s why at Brighter Days Coffee all of our products are sourced from small family farms all around the world.  When you purchase a product from, Brighter Days Coffee, you are receiving 100% Arabica coffee that is roasted to perfection and shipped to your door within one week of roasting. So you can feel good knowing that your purchase is bringing world change, from start to finish.


How It Works



In the 1970's, Cambodia suffered a horrific genocide that shattered the nation. The country has struggled to rebuild and is a mere shadow of it's former glory, however the people continue to push forward. Cambodia also faces major challenges for children, including child protection and malnutrition. Child labor and child trafficking remain a major problem with an estimated 20,000 children living and working in the streets of Phnom Penh alone.

40% of children under the age of 5 are considered malnourished

We believe that by investing in the safety, protection, and education of these children we will be able to break the cycle of hopelessness and poverty in this great nation. The owners of Brighter Days Coffee have spent the last 3 years traveling to and from Cambodia, they are passionate about seeing the people of Cambodia equipped with everything they need to thrive as a nation. Ward and Arie spend several months out of the year on ground in Cambodia, and partner with an organization that focuses on child education sponsorships, and equipping/training adults in trade skills so they are empowered to break free from poverty. Every purchase from Brighter Days Coffee provides 3 meals to children in this education sponsorship program. At Brighter Days we truly believe we can make the world a better place, one sip at a time.