ROAR Jewelry Collection

It's time to look as bold on the outside as you feel on the inside.

ROAR is a wild, bold, and beautifully unique collection of hand crafted, hand painted jewelry. Each piece was made by Chaya, our Cambodia artisan, who taught herself how to make jewelry as a means of survival and to avoid the trap of the sex trade industry. We were inspired by Chaya's determination and ingenuity to use what was around her to create something beautiful. In this collection you will find beautiful masterpieces made from hand carved coconut shells, and perfectly formed paper beads made from recycled paper that she found in the slum where she lives. Your purchase helps to empower women like Chaya, and as always every product provides three meals to children in Cambodia! If you would like to hear more about this incredible artisan and how your purchase is changing lives, check out our blog: ROAR, The Woman Behind the Jewelry.